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KSA Offers

In Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Weekly offers on grocery are available in different stores and hypermarkets. Few of these hypermarket offers are available on weekly or fortnightly basis. Some of the best hypermarkets and grocery stores include Hyper Panda, Lulu Hypermarket, Carrefour, Othaim, Danube. Other than these markets, other stores include Alaqial store, Cityflower, Aljazeera, Almadinah, Alraya, Bindawood, Farm, Grandmart, Manual, Mymart, Nesto, Ramez, Prime and Tamimi Markets. These stores have branches all across Riyadh and other major cities in Saudi Arabia. These stores offer number of deals, offers, discount and promotions in Saudi Arabia. These supermarkets are situated in all main cities including Dammam, Jeddah, Jubail, Khobar, Makkah, Madina, Yanbu, Abha, Al Jawf, Ad Dilam, Afif, Ahad Al Masarihah, Al Bashayer, Al Kharj, Al Khattat etc. Some of the best offers and promotions include:

  •        Lulu Market Offers in Saudi Arabia
  •        Hyper Panda Offers in KSA
  •        Nesto Offers in Saudi Arabia
  •        Abdullah AlOthaim Markets offers in KSA
  •        Carrefour Hypermarket offers in Saudi Arabia
  •        Farm Superstore offers in Saudi Arabia
  •        Danube offers in Saudi Arabia
  •        Tamimi Markets offer in KSA
  •        Grand Mart offers in KSA
  •        Universal cols stores promotions and offers in Saudi Arabia

These Offers and promotions are basically on Grocery items and other electronics and home appliances. Mostly these hypermarkets offers are available on weekly basis and on special occasions like Eids and national days. You can see the deals, offers & promotions and choose which superstore & Hypermarket is suitable for your requirements. Normally, offers are available on number of items but each store has better deals on some of the items than the other stores. Like Abdullah AlOthaim Markets offers are available normally on weekly basis but they also have offers on Monday which includes fresh fruits and vegetable deals. On Monday you can get good prices for fresh grocery items on Othaim market. Similarly Hyper Panda has good deals in Fresh dairy products and fresh chicken etc. On Nesto hypermarkets, you can get good deals of offers on dry fruits and vegetables etc. Similarly, Carrefour offers number of promotions on electronics and home appliances. Lulu hypermarkets also offers promotions on grocery items and Indian spices and food items. Other famous hypermarkets and supermarkets in Saudi Arabia include:

  •        Al Jazerah Offers in KSA
  •        Al Sadhan offers in Saudi Arabia
  •        Al Madinah promotions in KSA
  •        Bin Dawood offers in KSA
  •        CityFlower promotions in Saudi Arabia
  •        Ramez Hypermarket offers in KSA
  •        Al Raya offers in KSA
  •        Manuel Market offers in KSA
  •        Saco promotions in KSA
  •        Toys R Us offers in KSA
  •        Spar Offers in KSA
  •        Mina Hypermarkets offer in KSA

carrefour ksa offers


danube ksa offers


alaqial ksa offers


aljazeerah Ksa offers


almadina ksa offers


alraya ksa offers


bindawood ksa offers


cityflower ksa offers


farm ksa offers


grandmart offers ksa


manuel ksa offers


mymart offers ksa


prime ksa offers


ramez offers ksa


tamimi offers ksa


othaim market ksa offer


E-Commerce Stores

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has gone technology shift in past decade or so and many online stores and Ecommerce giants have established their business in KSA. Most of the people in Saudi Arabia prefers to buy online as it is easy to order and product is made available in few days without going to physical stores. The products offered by these stores have same quality as you can get in physical store. You can also asked for refund in case the provided product is not as per your requirement. You can also pay online through your credit card/ bank and Cash on Delivery is available for some of the products by these stores.

Some of the best online ecommerce stores include Amazon, Jarir Bookstore, Extra, Xcite. Other online electronics stores include Noon, Namshi, Ubuy etc while you can also buy products from international ecommerce stores like Amazon and Aliexpress etc. BuyonlineKSA will review different products offered by these stores. These products include mostly electronic items, home appliances and mobile & gadgets, Laptops & accessories, smart watches and cameras etc.

There are number of offers and promotions available on these ecommerce stores. Normally prices of these products varies on all stores and some of the stores offers better prices than others. is one the best stores which was previously Now Amazon has number of products offered and it is competitive online store. One of the best thing about Amazon is that it is an  international company and reliable store. Most of the people in KSA prefers Amazon due to reasonable price of products, money back guarantee and strict compliance with international standards.

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